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Best Time of Day to Skydive in Every Season

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Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 4 years ago

If you’ve landed on this article, it must mean your dream of making a tandem skydive is getting serious because you’re doing your research about the best time of day to make a skydive. We’ll get right to the point: 

The best time of day to skydive is usually in the morning as weather conditions tend to be calmer, however, there are pros and cons depending on the time of year that you jump. 

Here is an overview of the best time to of day to jump during the skydiving season:

What Time of Year Can You Skydive?

Throughout the world, the typical skydiving season occurs during the spring, summer, and fall months. In warmer climates like Florida and Arizona, the busiest time of year to skydive is during the winter months. 

At Wisconsin Skydiving Center, our skydiving season begins in April and runs through the month of October.

Tandem skydiving in the afternoon at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee

Best Time to Skydive In Each Season of the Year

Skydiving During the Spring – Pros and Cons

As every Wisconsinite knows, our spring tends to show up a little later than other parts of the country following the deep freeze of winter. Choosing the best time of day to jump is a fine line as the mornings tend to be very cold. But as the day warms, it’s not uncommon to see winds begin to pick up. If spring is the desired time of year, we’d recommend booking your reservation around 10:00 am or 11:00 am. 

Spring Skydiving ProsSpring Skydiving Cons
Late spring is beautifulGenerally cold in the mornings
Air is less hazy – is crisp and clearWinds often cause delays or the need to reschedule
The skydiving center is less busy – lower wait times 
Great way to kickstart the year after a long winter 

While the summer skydiving season is always the busiest due to summer break, skydiving during the late spring is one of the best times of year to skydive if timed correctly. 

When planning your skydive, keep an eye on the forecast as it relates to wind speed and temperature. Temperatures in the mid 50s or above are pleasant and wind speeds less than 20mph is what to watch for. The most perfect conditions that skydivers love are temps in the mid-60s with winds around 10 mph.

Skydiving During the Summer – Pros and Cons

It’s hard to beat a Wisconsin summer, but there are pros and cons related to which summer month you choose. June, July and August are the busiest times of year to jump with the crescendo being in August right before kids go back to school. Of course July and August are the hottest months, so we recommend booking as early in the day as possible for the following reasons: 

  • It’s cooler in the mornings 
  • The weather is more consistent in the mornings
  • The air is more stable in the mornings 
  • It’s less busy
  • Shorter delays

In skydiving, the number one variable that can spoil the day is the variable that can’t be controlled – weather. During the summer months, it’s not atypical to experience afternoon thunderstorms and, of course, high heat, which is not ideal unless sweating profusely is your thing. Avoid the heat of the day and the likelihood of thunderstorms by booking as early as possible. 

Summer Skydiving ProsSummer Skydiving Cons
Warmer / More Consistent TemperaturesHigh heat in the afternoons
The skydiving center is fully staffed – can better accommodate groupsAfternoons can bring turbulence
Winds speeds are more consistent and lower than spring and fallAfternoon thunderstorms
Usually fewer weather delays than other times of year related to wind and rainTends to be busier
A tandem pair exiting the Cessna 182 a crisp clear fall day

Skydiving During the Fall – Pros and Cons

The greatest pro for skydiving during the fall is seeing the foliage from above. Seeing the patchwork quilt of color dotting the landscape from thousands of feet above is a unique site few get to see.  Another great advantage is relief from the heat. Late September through early October tends to be the best window of time for skydiving during the fall months, but the weather usually starts turning quickly as November approaches. Of course, winds become a greater factor during the fall months. Recommended booking times would be mid-morning.

Fall Skydiving ProsFall Skydiving Cons
Cooler temperaturesHigher winds become more prevalent
The skydiving center is less busyUnpredictable weather conditions
Spectacular views of fall colors 
The atmosphere is less hazy / more clear 

As a general whole, booking in the morning is usually always best, but there’s one variable we’ve not mentioned that stands as a major pro – booking the last reservation time of the day to jump near sunset. Most skydiving centers don’t recommend booking this time as weather delays can be an issue, but if the weather is great, jumping near sunset is the most awe-inspiring time of day which also results in some amazing skydiving photography

We hope this guide has helped bring clarity on the best time of year and day to skydive. If you have any questions, please contact us or view our faqs page. If you are planning to make your first jump, our article on first time skydiving tips will also prove to be of value. 

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