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Instructor Spotlight

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 10 years ago

1. What attracted you to the sport of skydiving?

TM: I grew up with skydiving. My dad was a skydiver so I had been around it and it wasn’t anything out of the normal to me. I always thought it was a pretty cool sport and everyone looked like they had a great time jumping.

2. What influenced you to actually make the phone call to make your first skydive?

TM: I actually didn’t make the call. My older sister started jumping when she was 18 and had been trying to get me to jump once I turned 18. I wasn’t interested though. I was off to college and excited about that new life. So finally on my 20th birthday my sister said she was taking me to the drop zone to jump. I said OK. I was weathered out for three weekends in a row to make my first AFF. The third weekend the cloud cover was too low for an AFF, but high enough for a static line. So, my instructors asked if I wanted to do that instead… why not! I finally made my first jump as a static line and I was in awe! Why had I waited so long to do this?!?

3. What’s the most memorable skydive you’ve ever been on?

TM: Oh my?!? So many to choose from but that first jump, of course is one of the most memorable. Being trained to do an AFF jump, with the mindset of being ready to get out of the airplane with two instructors, to actually going as a static line and now having to climb out and hang from the strut by myself, was one of the scariest things I’ve done!

4. Who / What inspires you?

TM: My husband is one person. He is very hard working and gives 110% of himself to support his family. He helps push me to make better choices and encourages me to be myself. I only hope I am giving enough back and being the best person I can be to support him and my family as well.

5. Of the places you have visited – what is your favorite place and why?

TM: I love the mountains. I lived in Idaho for a couple years and visited Colorado a lot. There is just something very surreal about the Rockies. They are huge and powerful, yet very beautiful and calming at the same time.

6. What other interests do you have outside of skydiving?

TM:I really like cooking. I’m no master chef but I like eating real, healthy food and spending time in the kitchen. I like to work out and have recently begun running. I completed my first 1/2 marathon this year and am hoping to do another. And when I’m not too tired I like to read!

7. What is something about you that few people know about?

TM: Oh boy…. maybe that I have this crazy eye thing and when I tip my head to the right my right eye kind of floats on its own and I see double! I can control it just fine, but it can be a fun party trick (or stupid human trick as David Letterman would say!)

8. If you could meet anyone in the world for a coffee and a chat (alive or deceased) who would you wish to meet with?

TM:I would love to meet with my oma (grandma) again. She passed away of Alzheimer’s when I was young, so most of my memories of her are with the disease. I know she was a very strong, brave and beautiful woman. She and my opa (grandpa) moved their family from Germany when my dad was only 12 and didn’t speak any English when they arrived. I would love to learn more from her perspective about their history and her take on the world!

9. What do you do for work? If you could do anything as an occupation – what would it be?

TM: I am an athletic trainer and physical therapist assistant. However, right now I think I have one of the toughest jobs I’ve ever done, yet most rewarding and that’s being a mom. I don’t know what else I could do where I’m completely exhausted at the end of the day but feel so loved when you get hugs and kisses from the kids. I just hope I’m doing a good job!

10. What are your future goals?

TM: Continue to raise my kids the best I can, continue jumping the best I can and continue to be as happy as possible :-)