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Love is in the Air with a Skydiving Proposal

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Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 5 years ago

Love is, definitively, in the air. Right? Every time you look around. If it’s everlasting love you’re after, maybe you’re thinking about popping the question: and heck, there couldn’t be a better place to pop it than the big, blue sky! A skydiving proposal is one of the coolest outdoor proposal ideas on the planet, and yours is bound to be the mightiest of memories indeed!

A skydiving proposal at WSC

Why Should You Consider a skydiving proposal?

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? If you’re reading this, you may not need much convincing – you’re probably already  in the depth of researching creative (possibly outdoor) proposal ideas. So let’s talk about why a skydiving proposal is the best thing ever for all you adventurous lovers out there.

First – it’s outdoorsy! Second – it’s totally unique! Thirdly … it insists that your love is as big as the sky you’re under! Really – what could be more romantic?

Or, maybe it’s your second (or third) wedding, and you want to do something a bit more exciting than dropping on one knee by the beach at sunset. In this scenario too, we’ve got you covered. 

Creative Proposal Ideas? We Have Them.

Wisconsin Skydiving Center has been sealing it with a kiss for a super-long time, believe-you-me (something like 20 years!). Lucky for you, that means we have some creative proposal ideas ready to help you make it official with consummate grace.

You can pull off the deed in any number of ways – but the best are the methods that put your message front-and-center (since a skydive is already a very distracting and exciting undertaking!). Some favorites include:

  • designing a large (large!) banner to place out on the ground in the landing area.
  • arranging something in a heart shape in the landing zone (ask us if it’s appropriate).
  • sneaking out a whole bunch of out-of-town-dwelling family and friends to come and witness the ring presentation.
  • or … check out how Brad + Kelsey and Jacob + Katie did it!

What You Should Know About Proposing While Skydiving

Perhaps surprisingly, proposing on a skydive is not just for experienced skydiving nerds. Even if this is your very first time doing a tandem skydive, you can definitely rock a skydiving proposal.

After all: what better way is there to get an enthusiastic “yes” than right after a heart-pounding, heck-yes-inducing tandem jump? You know – when spirits are high and the adrenaline is squirting joy and happiness through your veins at a billion miles per hour?

So! Are you stoked to get down on one knee and tell your significant other that it’s time to get together, forever and never to part? We thought so.

Give us a call and we’ll help you work out the details! And remember: after you get that “I thought you’d never ask,” the happy ending just keeps getting happier. Because – you guessed it – skydiving weddings are also a thing that can be arranged!

Skydiving is the perfect outdoor proposal idea!