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Need a Unique Birthday Party Idea? Try Skydiving!

Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 5 years ago

Are you (or someone you love) about to blow out some candles? Then you should lean in and listen up, because this is important: Skydiving is one of the most unique birthday party ideas for adults on this entire planet, and you (or your loved one) deserve one of your own!

Need a unique birthday party idea for adults? Try skydiving!

If you follow us on Facebook (and you heckin’ should!), you may have seen this lovely little interview we did with an adventurer named Hannah. She celebrated her 21st birthday with us, and had some rad things to say about the experience of tandem skydiving on her special day:

Hannah has inspired us to tell the world about what a powerful thing indeed it is to celebrate your cake day with some freefall. Need more convincing? Here are some more reasons:

Most outdoor birthday party ideas for adults are lame

And you, dear reader, are NOT lame. Right?

Let’s face it: Heading out for yet another picnic in the park is fun-as-heck. But you’ve been there and done that. And you’re thinking that this year might be a great moment to try something completely different (and completely inspiring).

Maybe it’s a landmark birthday. Or even an 80th like our beloved client Anna Mae. Maybe you’re celebrating something (or someone) new in your life. Or possibly you’re just feeling like ringing in a new personal year like a true badass. Whatever your situation – birthday skydiving is (trust us on this)  just the ticket.

(Spoiler alert: You can have your birthday cake and eat it, too. Namely – you can have your birthday barbecue right here on the WSC dropzone! We love those. Folks who don’t feel like making the leap with you can hang out in our gorgeous, expansive “backyard” with all kinds of entertainment right at hand.)

A group of people enjoying a picnic at Wisconsin Skydiving Center

You want this birthday to leave you inspired for the entire year to come. And beyond!

Eating too much cake and sucking down too many cocktails can be a fun way to spend your own personal holiday. But  basically you’re just left the next morning with a bellyache and a hangover.

Flip the script and go birthday skydiving, dude/tte! No other gift you could give yourself can compare to spending the day on an epic adventure with your family and friends, fueled by adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine, enjoying a sunny day in the gorgeous Wisconsin countryside.

This birthday is going to get the audience award, fo’sho

Sharing a day in the sky with the people you love the most definitely falls in the gift-that-keeps-on-giving category. So once you’ve made the decision, take it to the rooftops! Tell your whole tribe about your birthday skydiving plan. You’re bound to convince at least one of your homies to join you up there — and you can take advantage of our group skydiving discounts if you manage to inspire more of your people to join you in the fun.

Pro tip: Do not worry if not everybody wants to make the leap. At WSC, we downright specialize in entertaining your friends and family on the ground. Here’s the thing, too: Often, folks who are on the fence about making their first tandem need just a spritz of encouragement before they commit to making the jump themselves. And nothing inspires that confidence more than watching their happy friend land right in front of them with sparkly grins on their face.  

Tandem student on a birthday skydive

Ready. Set. GO for your Birthday Skydive!

Check it out, guys: Goin’ “birthday skydiving” is bound to be the highlight of your year. We know. Because every single weekend, we make lifetime dreams come true for adventurers just like you who are celebrating their day in the sun.

Whether you’re going skydiving for your birthday yourself or you happen to be a truly epic friend/parent/significant other, searching for that perfect birthday gift, you’ll knock this one right out of the park. (Be sure to check out our skydiving gift certificate options!)

We couldn’t be more stoked to celebrate with you. Book online today or give us a holler if you have any questions whatsoever.