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Skydiving is the Perfect Gift For Any Special Occasion

Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 3 years ago

What do you get someone that has everything? A personalized gift, of course! Personalized gifts are a thoughtful way to celebrate any special occasion. Although not readily thought of, an experience gift, like the gift of skydiving, allows you to give something memorable without adding to an endless mound of “stuff.”

Girl smiling before a tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

What is an experience gift?

An experience gift, as the name implies, favors providing an experience in lieu of giving material goods. The truth is often the person who claims that they don’t want anything is really saying they don’t want to add more clutter to their lives. These type of folks are prime examples of the ideal recipient for a skydiving experience gift. 

Now that you know what an experience gift is you might naturally be wondering…

Man about to jump out of a plane for a tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

How can I give an experience instead of stuff?

The first step is to pick a unique experience. You’ll want it to be something that the recipient is not likely to forget. Most of the time you should be aiming for that “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this” kind of reaction.

Admittedly, we are partial to skydiving, but it is for good reason. Those who have made a jump know a little secret: skydiving has an incredibly positive transformative effect. So much so, skydiving is often compared to therapy–sans the couch and clock and quite a bit more thrilling! We’re not sure why people wait so long to give skydiving a go, but the majority who do say they wish they’d done it sooner.

With your help, they don’t have to wait. The best part: you can purchase according to your budget. Gift certificates are available for full skydiving packages and in increments of $25!

Skydiving is a personalized gift and a life-changing experience all wrapped into one. In our humble opinion, we would say that is a gift-giving win. Keep reading to see our favorite special occasions for which a skydiving gift is a perfect fit!

Skydiving Is A Great Gift For Any Special Occasion

High School or College Graduation

Aside from very nearly being the most trendy teen/ young adult gift there is, skydiving shows us how well we can rise to a challenge if we put our mind to it. Let’s face it: entering the “real world” can be pretty scary. Help equip your proud graduate with the courage and confidence they will need by giving the gift of a skydive.


Those stockings hung by the chimney with care sure would be a lot cooler with a skydiving gift certificate hidden inside. If you struggle every year to find a unique Christmas gift, a personalized skydiving experience is hard to beat.


Another year older means one less year for crossing items off that dusty bucket list. Don’t let your loved one wait any longer! Celebrate their birthday with a surprise skydive or even plan a group outing. Skydiving not only makes a great birthday gift but is a great birthday party idea.

Marriage Proposals

Starting a new life with someone requires a leap of faith–why not commemorate the occasion with a leap of fun? Surprise the lovebirds in your life with a skydiving experience or plan a skydiving proposal that will leave your partner speechless.


At one time, sure, maybe a toaster was a great wedding gift. But these days, the mundane fades away while the thrilling remains. Get with the times and give a wedding gift they won’t see coming–a nuptial skydive!


There is something so special about finding someone to spend your life with. But, honestly, with each passing year, it can be difficult to find new memorable ways to commemorate your bond. The gift of a skydiving experience creates a new memory to share and a story to reminisce on for the rest of your lives.

Big Life Changes

From awe-inspiring weight loss to honoring another sobriety milestone, the gift of skydiving can be used to celebrate big life changes.

For the ultimate personalized touch, don’t forget to add pictures and video!

If you want to take your skydiving gift to the next level, be sure to purchase a video and photo package. Skydiving photos show a jumper’s personality and help preserve the special memory of their very first skydive. Plus, skydiving photos or videos can be used to create personalized keepsakes later (it’s the gift that keeps giving!). 

What do you say? Purchase a skydiving gift today!